Test Proctoring Services at the Library

Test proctoring services are available at the library.  The Director or designated staff members may proctor exams.  Proctoring is free, except for any costs associated with copying or mailing the test.

The Proctor Will:

  • Fill out proctor request forms from the school.
  • Receive exams from the school by mail or email.
  • Make every attempt to observe that the student is following the guidelines set forth by the educational institution while taking the exam.
  • Periodically monitor the student taking the exam.  Proctors cannot remain in the same room as the student.
  • Send the exam back to the institution by email, fax, or mail.
  • Keep copies of the exam for a short time if specified by the school.
  • The proctor cannot proctor online exams that require public access computer settings to be modified.  If a public computer cannot be used, the student is encouraged to bring his/her own laptop.

The library accepts no responsibility for Internet problems.  We will contact the school if this occurs.

The Student Will:

  • Contact the school to arrange for exams and passwords to be sent to the proctor by mail or email.
  • Confirm that our proctoring guidelines meet the requirements of the educational institution, in particular that the proctor does not stay in the room with the student.
  • Contact the Library to schedule a day and time to take the exam.  If there is no contact from the student within 30 days or a specified school deadline, the untaken exam is returned to the school.
  • Students must come prepared with the necessary or required supplies to take the exam (ex: calculator).
  • Provide postage or a prepaid envelope if the test needs to be mailed.

If the student needs to photocopy the completed exam, the student is responsible for paying $.15 per page for black and white copies and $.30 per page for color copies.

Questions?  Contact us!