The next meeting is to be held on Tuesday, June 11, at 6:00 pm in the library conference room.

The Friends organization, created in September 2002, is a nonprofit and charitable 501(c)3 corporation.  Our mission is dedication to lending support to the Board of Trustees of the library and their ongoing endeavors to provide high quality library services and materials to the community.  We have underwritten many programs and activities that are outside of the normal, day to day budget of the Hackettstown Free Public Library.  We are especially proud of having paid for the circulation computer in the children’s room when the downstairs was refurbished many years ago.

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An Individual annual membership costs $10 payable by cash, PayPal, credit/debit, or check made out to the Friends of the Hackettstown Library (110 Church St, Hackettstown, NJ 07840).

2023 Holiday Mini Bazaar

The Friends’ Holiday Mini-Bazaar was productive, enjoyable, and brought in a profit of $647.00.  We offered delicious home baked goods such as Cookie Brownies, Spicy Applesauce/Raisin Bread, Almond Confetti Cookies, Ginger Cookies, Pumpkin Bread, and Cranberry Bread.  Handcrafted items included small hand sewn coupon holders/change purses all made in bright holiday fabrics.  Our white elephant table offered a vintage jewelry collection, lots of holiday decorations, many candles, a silver hotplate in the design of a reindeer, embroidered items framed, and a few holiday cookbooks.  We thank everyone who donated and everyone who worked.  Happy Holidays!

2023 Bake Sale

The Friends’ Bake Sale, held in conjunction with Eleventh Hour Animal Rescue, was held on Saturday, June 17, and brought in a profit of $156.00.  Some of our items were Scottish Shortbread, Banana Bread, Honey Orange Tea Bread, Spicy Apple-Raisin Quick Bread, and Cheddar Cheese Nibbles.  A special treat, known as Financiers, was a delightful taste treat, featuring Nutella in a vanilla cake-like wrap.  All homemade, with love and caring, by our members.

2023 Spring Used Book Sale

Our 2023 annual book sale brought in a record profit of $1,273.00, all of which is for the benefit of our revered community library.  Thank you to all who donated items, set up for the sale, purchased, and after, packed up.  See you next year!

2022 Holiday Mini Bazaar

The Friends’ Holiday Mini-Bazaar was very successful thanks to all of our planners, workers, and those who donated. The items we offered ran the gamut:  candles, glassware, holiday decorations, costume jewelry, handmade change purses, crocheted lap blankets, crafting books, and delicious home baked goods, to name a few.  Our profit was $621.30 and will be spent according to the wishes of our Library Director and our Board of Trustees.  Happy holidays and we’ll see you next year!

2022 Spring Book Sale

Our April Used Book Sale was a roaring success with a good turnout on Thursday and Friday, and replete with a crowd on Saturday, the “buy one, get one free” day.  We appreciate all who donated and purchased, and our staff who arranged, and after all was said and done, packed up.  Our profit was a record $1,065.75.  Our Library Director and the Board of Trustees will decide on a purpose for the profit.  Thank you everyone!

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