February is National Library Lover’s Month!

All month long show some love to your local library.

Why should you love your library? Here are just a few of the reasons:

  • We are a staff of fun, interesting, and helpful people who want you to enjoy your visit!
  • We provide hours and hours of free entertainment through books, ebooks, audiobooks, movies, music, video games, and even such items as cake pans, waffle makers, and lawn darts!
  • We offer engaging and educational programs for you at no cost: these include lectures, music programs, story times, crafts, and games
  • We are a place where you can spend an entire day without being asked to pay for anything. Take that, coffee shop!
  • We have a quiet meeting room you can use to study for a test, conduct a ZOOM interview, gather for a knitting circle, etc.
  • We host books and materials of local history interest so you can learn all about the place you live

So come to the library, get a library card, and become a LIBRARY LOVER!

Fun facts about libraries

  • Longest Overdue Book – The most overdue library book in the world was the one that was returned after 122 years.
  • Largest Library: The Library of Congress in Washington, DC is the largest library in the world, with over 168 million items.
  • Father of libraries – Philanthropist Andrew Carnegie donated 60 million dollars in the early 20th century to open more than 1,689 public libraries worldwide.
  • Most Stolen Book: “Guinness Book of World Records.”

Really love your library? Consider donating to, or joining the Friends of the Library.