New Release Books 4/19/17

//New Release Books 4/19/17

New Release Books 4/19/17

The Horse Dancer: A Novel
by Jojo Moyes

Successful London attorney Natasha is finally moving forward after her marriage to Mac fell apart. Her career is taking off, her relationship with her boyfriend Conor is stable, if bland, and she has her big, beautiful house all to herself. Then Mac moves back in, and he and Natasha find themselves the guardians of troubled teenager Sarah. Sarah has been raised by her loving but strict grandfather. Known to everyone as the Captain, he was an expert horseman who has taught Sarah the classic arts of French dressage. Strictly independent, Sarah takes her obligations to her horse, Boo, seriously, even after her grandfather has a massive stroke and ends up in long-term care. Without her grandfather’s presence, not even the guidance of Mac and Natasha can protect Sarah and Boo from a dangerous mobster and the girl’s own poor choices. Sarah’s dramas seem the most perilous, but readers might just wish for Natasha and Mac to ask the right questions and head off looming calamity. VERDICT Moyes (Me Before You; After You) is a master of character development, allowing each of her protagonists to stumble, shine, and surprise in all their humanity. Recommended for fans of the author and general fiction collections. —Jennifer Beach, Longwood Univ. Lib., Farmville, VA, Library Journal

The Shadow Land
by Elizabeth Kostova

A compelling and complex mystery, strong storytelling, and lyrical writing combine for an engrossing read set in the former Soviet-bloc nation of Bulgaria. Not long after Alexandra Boyd’s 2008 arrival in Sofia to teach English, she ends up with the wrong suitcase, which holds the remains of one Stoyan Lazarov in a carved box. She is determined to return it to the elderly couple traveling with their son, a handsome man who eventually haunts her dreams. Helping her on this quest is Asparuh Iliev, aka Bobby, an inscrutable taxi driver who believes in his nation’s beauty but fears for its future under the possible leadership of a powerful and wealthy politician whose anticorruption campaign is gaining political traction. They learn Lazarov was a talented violinist who faced political oppression. A parallel story line tells of Lazarov’s life. His attempt to become a concertmaster by currying favor with his orchestra’s Communist conductor has tragic consequences, setting up Kostova’s (The Historian) most emotional and harrowing moments. –Publishers Weekly

The Lost Order (Cotton Malone Series #12)
by Steve Berry

In the 12th thriller featuring former Justice Department operative Cotton Malone (after 2016’s The 14th Colony), Berry delivers exactly what fans of this bestselling series have come to expect—an intricately plotted, action-paced story line that seamlessly blends history with provocative speculation. While on assignment for the Smithsonian in rural Arkansas, Malone becomes entangled with the “most powerful subversive organization in the history of the United States.” Founded in 1854, the Knights of the Golden Circle have allegedly been guarding billions in stolen gold and silver for more than a century. But the treasure can only be found by locating a series of invaluable artifacts that are encrypted with a seemingly unbreakable code. Malone’s quest becomes deadly when he discovers links to a conspiracy by the ambitious present-day speaker of the house, who wants to radically change the political power structure of the country. The fusion of contemporary and historical adventure makes this a page-turner of the highest order. –Publishers Weekly

All by Myself, Alone
by Mary Higgins Clark

In this lesser effort from MWA Grand Master Clark, lottery winners Alvirah and Willy Meehan, last seen in 2016’s As Time Goes By, celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary by taking a luxury cruise aboard the Queen Charlotte, which is making her maiden voyage from New York to Southampton, England. Limited to only 100 guests and boasting world-class accommodations and entertainment, the ship welcomes A-list luminaries such as 86-year-old Lady Emily Haywood, who possesses a fabulous emerald necklace once owned by Cleopatra. Lady Emily is accompanied by her assistant, Brenda Martin; her investment manager, Roger Pearson; and Roger’s avaricious wife, Yvonne. Other passengers include gemologist Celia Kilbride, attorney Ted Cavanaugh, and thief Devon Michaelson. Each has reason to covet the necklace. When a murderer strikes, Alvirah slips into sleuthing mode. The sweet relationship between Alvirah and Willy is some consolation in this formulaic thriller that’s short on suspense. –Publishers Weekly

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