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The Hackettstown Library is hosting three virtual music programs entitled, “The Three B’s of Music with Barry Wiesenfeld.”

Thursday, January 13, at 7pm: Join us for “Back to Bach.” Johann Sebastian Bach literally and figuratively wrote the book on how music works.  The forms, harmonies, progressions used today were outlined by him more than 300 years ago.  His influence is everywhere.  In this class participants will listen to some of the remarkable works he left us, and learn why they are so remarkable.

Thursday, January 20, at 7pm: Join us for “Learning Ludwig (Beethoven).”  In this presentation, listen to some of his great work and explore the person behind the genius.

Thursday, Januarty 27, at 7pm: “The Beatles” will be featured.  The Beatles did for pop music what Beethoven did for the classical world: mastered what came before them and then took everyone in a new direction. Lyrics, instrumentation, studio techniques (and more) will all be discussed.