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No one, least of all the incoming President, could foresee what the future portended as he took the oath of office in March, 1861. In fact, he would be the only President (with the exception of FDR’s 3rd term) to begin and end his tenure with the imminence if not actuality of military conflict. In the space of four years, he evolved into a military realist  with the ability to implement harsh military policies that insured the successful outcome of what had become the bloodiest war in American History.  This transformation is the subject of the second lecture.

Presented by Rutgers University, History Professor Emeritus Dr. Jonathan Lurie

Noted for his scholarly approach to a subject matter,  Prof. Lurie  is a sought after  and frequent speaker at historical societies, presenting a wide variety of historical subjects. Prof. Lurie has been a speaker at the NJCWRT for over 12 years, focusing on a different facet of Abraham Lincoln every year!  At Rutgers University, Prof. Lurie specialized in American Legal History, Constitutional history, law and literature, and American political history. His latest book is a case study of the Pocket Veto Case, 1926-1929. Lurie taught at Rutgers from 1969 until he finally retired in 2014.

Prof. Lurie is married to Dr. Maxine Lurie, former head of the History Dept. at Seton Hall University, is now President of the NJ Historical Commission, she is a noted author, whose works include being co-editor of the Encyclopedia of New Jersey.

This program is presented as a public service by the North Jersey Civil War Round Table and is part of a two-part series: The Abraham Lincoln Lecture Series.

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